Charlotte Falck

Internationally acclaimed and awarded Scandinavian Designer Charlotte Falck, is the Principal of Charlotte Falck Design in Hong Kong. The company is offering products under its own brand name, but is also providing consultancy design services as well as interior design of show rooms/facilities and residential interiors.

Charlotte Falck Design has designed for many reputable companies active in various parts of the world. The customer and partner list includes clients like Electroline, StarTrading, MIQUE, LampGustaf AB, IKEA, Europa Mobler, WOOLWORTHS, NEXT, ASTA, BHS, DEBENHAMS, John Lewis and M&S.

Charlotte Falck Design is very honoured and proud to have several long-term partnerships reflecting the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. One example is Electroline Ltd, (www.ElineODM.com), a lighting company with headquarters in Hong Kong and own factory in China. This active partnership has spanned over more than eight years now and Charlotte Falck Design has played an essential role in the successful establishment of Electrolines consumer brand Heat (www.heatlighting.com).

Another example of a successful long-term partnership is with StarTrading, www.startrading.com, a leading company in the sizable and dynamic Christmas lighting markets in Scandinavia and Germany.  This is an ongoing and evolving partnership initiated 2007 that has also resulted in international awards.

The founder Charlotte Falck is born in Sweden and has a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture from HDK, School of Design and Crafts at Gothenburg University 1999.

In her early career Charlotte was an in house designer at LampGustaf, a forefront company in the domestic Swedish lighting market. Charlotte Falck has also been the Chief Designer for Style Ceramics in Hong Kong, a company with 1600 employees in three factories in China and offices in both Hong Kong and London. StyleCeramics is a market supplier of ceramic interior products to US, UK, Australia, Europe and Sweden.

Charlotte Falck Design’s are unique, sophisticated and innovative. The designs can be modern, classical, folkloric, romantic, children’s or Christmas like depending on customer and market needs and always with the aim towards best possible customer satisfaction.